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Katie J. Trent is a powerfully engaging inspirational speaker and author.

Her messages are filled with hope, practical tips, and transparency.

Homeschool Super Heroes Week 2022

Join us for the 2022 Homeschool Super Heroes Event! Get your free pass or upgrade to lifetime access with the VIP pass. Katie shares two brand new workshops alongside many other phenomenal speakers!

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Back 2 Homeschool 2022

Katie is excited to be presenting two brand new workshops for the 2022 Teach Them Diligently Back 2 Homeschool virtual conference hosted by David...

Homeschool Mom Summer Summit 2022

Katie is excited to present two brand new workshops for the 2022 Homeschool Mom Summer Summit virtual conference hosted by Richie Soares with...

Wives of Integrity Conference 2022

Katie J. T rent is speaking for the Wives of Integrity Conference (May 12-14, 2022) to speak on protecting your marriage in ministry.

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Growing in the Gospel LIVE Mini-Summit

Join Digital Grab Bag as they team up with four amazing bloggers during a four-day event! WE'RE EXPLORING TOPICS SUCH AS: Cultivating...

MOPS Casa Grande-Arizona

Katie loves equipping and encouraging moms, which is why it's always a privilege to share with MOPS groups.  She was especially excited to share...

Teach Them Diligently At Home Conference 2022

Katie is honored to be presenting a brand new workshop for the 2022 Teach Them Diligently At Home virtual conference hosted by David & Leslie...

Life Skills Leadership Summit 2022

Katie is thrilled to be presenting for the Life Skills Leadership Summit, organized by Kerry Beck of How to Homeschool My Child.

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Teach Them Diligently’s Virtual Family Conference 2021

Appearing for another Teach Them Diligently event, Katie J. Trent will be speaking at the Virtual Family Conference in October 2021.

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2021 Homeschool Superheroes Week

Katie had so much fun teaching two workshops for the 2021 Homeschool Superheroes Week conference. Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before the New...
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About the Author

Speaking Intro:

Katie is the bestselling author of Dishing up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families, and a leader in the Christian homeschool community. She draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience from over a decade of counseling, ministry, and church planting in order to equip women to grow their faith, strengthen their family, and simplify their homeschool.

Short Bio (85 Words):

Katie is a popular author, speaker, and homeschool mama of twoShe’s also a Pinterest drop-out with a messy house and happy kids—most of the time.

Katie’s mission is to inspire women to grow their faith, strengthen their family, and simplify their homeschool.

In writing and speaking, Katie draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience from over a decade of counseling, ministry, and church planting. Her bestselling book Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families is available at all major retailers.

Long Bio

Katie is an author, speaker, homeschool mom, minister, and church planter passionate about equipping women to grow their faith, strengthen their family, and simplify their homeschool.

Katie met her husband, James, at Boise State University (she lovingly jokes he was her 20th birthday present). The first year of marriage was tumultuous, and they were on the brink of divorce before they surrendered their lives to Jesus in 2007.

That first leap of faith sent them on a journey they could never have imagined! Their family has served in ministry leadership for over 12 years and done everything from kids ministry to lead pastoring and church planting.

Katie spent over a decade in the field of social work providing community mental health support to children, families, and adults. She loves helping people grow and flourish in all areas of life.

Katie and her family relocated to Arizona in 2018. They have a nine-year-old daughter (Kendra) who is bold, creative, and passionate. Their son (Jordan) is six and full of joy and compassion. Their house is usually messy, but their hearts are always full!

Katie loves being a mom and supporting other women in their roles as wives and mothers. She is also a home-based educator (that’s a fancy way of saying she has chosen to homeschool her kiddos) and she loves to bake (primarily gluten and dairy free). Katie is committed to ministering and discipling others, and she believes that starts with her children and builds from there.

Katie also loves to write and share her faith. In addition to speaking and blogging, her first book released November 9, 2021 with Whitaker House: Dishing up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families.

Katie enjoys spending time with friends and family. Coffee brings her great joy, and she relaxes by reading or coloring. (She is the only introvert in her family, so she likes to sneak away when they let her).

Katie is committed to empowering women to know and become more like Christ.

Dishing Up Devotions Blurbs

Tagline: “Homeschool just got easier–and deliciously fun!”

Summary: Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families infuses faith and fun to strengthen family relationships while nourishing the teaching parent’s soul. It features thirty-six weekly devotions, faith-building activities for the whole family, conversation starters, and baking recipes connected to the weekly character theme.

Press Release for

Dishing Up Devotions

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Contact Info


Phone: (208) 881-6675

Suggested Interview Questions

You can find a list of suggested interview questions here. This is a living document and will be updated with new information as necessary.

Popular Speaking Topics

Faith & Ministry

Back to the Basics: Reviving Your Prayer Life

Take your prayer life to new heights by moving from spectator to game-changer! It’s as simple as learning your ABC’s. 

Participants will accelerate their faith by applying these three simple principles to transform their prayer life. 

Grow Your Faith

In this workshop, participants will learn tools and tips to grow their faith. Katie combines real life stories with Biblical wisdom to ignite attendees’ faith and inspire them to pursue a life completely surrendered to Jesus. 

Protect Your Marriage In Ministry

A healthy marriage is essential for a healthy ministry, yet we see an overwhelming number of ministry marriages fail. This workshop will equip you with the tools and tips to guard and strengthen your marriage so your ministry and family can thrive. Katie shares wisdom and practical tools gained from over 15 years of experience counseling couples and serving alongside her husband in pastoral ministry and church planting.

Winds of Change: Breezing Through Life's Transitions

Changes and transitions can feel overwhelming. Break free from worrying, whining, and wondering in transition by understanding God’s purpose for these seasons. 

In this workshop, attendees will learn to recognize & respond to the season they are in. They will gain practical steps to help them thrive in the midst of uncertainty. 

BONUS: FREE Winds of Change Downloadable Bundle for all participants -$75 Value

Marriage & Parenting

Creative Bible-Based Solutions for Common Parenting Dilemmas.

In this workshop, Katie shares practical tools to help you conquer common childhood struggles while also building your faith.

Cooking Up Character Development

Learn how to build strong leardership characteristics in your kids in fun & meaningful ways as Katie shares how to combine cooking, conversation, and character for quick yet meaningful connections.

Daily Discipleship Simplified: Fun & Easy Ideas for Incorporating Faith-Building into Your Routine

 Discipleship can feel daunting at times. But you don’t have to be a theologian to teach your kids how to build their faith. In this workshop you’ll discover how to naturally incorporate faith into your daily routine. Katie shares practical ideas and tips for discipling your kids at any age and stage of your journey.

Easy & Inexpensive Holiday Fun For Families: How to Maximize Memories Without Blowing Your Budget

 Learn how to create meaningful moments with your kids this holiday season without spending an excessive amount of time, money, or energy. Create sustainable holiday traditions your kids will want to carry on with their own families.

Fun Family Activities to Fuel Your Faith

What do a treasure hunt, baking cookies, and a trip to your local homeless shelter have in common? Do you want to ignite your children’s faith while strengthening your own? In this workshop, Katie shares three keys to growing your family’s faith and provides fun ideas to simplify Biblical concepts into meaningful lessons sure to make a lasting impression.

How to Build a Strong Family

This workshop equips attendees to build and maintain a strong family foundation in a world trying to rip families apart. Katie shares practical strategies in four essential areas to strengthen your marriage and your family.

Making MOMents that Matter

There’s no such thing as a perfect mom.

In this humorous and practical talk, Katie encourages moms to embrace their brokenness and learn to trust in Jesus to lead them on their individual journeys of motherhood. Attendees will learn:

  • We aren’t alone in our struggles
  • There’s an antidote for worrying
  • 4 Tips to Help Busy Moms Make MOMents that Matter
Marriage is a Team Sport

Regardless of how long you’ve been married, effective teamwork requires a winning strategy and commitment. In this humerous and practical workshop, Katie shares three secrets from her playbook guaranteed to strengthen your relationship. 

Preparing Our Kids to be Successful Young Adults

In this workshop, Katie shares the DO’s and DON’Ts every parent needs to know to prepare our kids to thrive as they transition into adulthood. Whether your children are toddlers or teens, you will glean practical wisdom to apply today. 


3 Questions to Ask Before the New Homeschool Year

Discover the WHY, WHAT, and HOW to help you strengthen your homeschool and set your family up for success year after year. Attendees will learn to organize their homeschool so they can work smarter, not harder, and discover how to plan a year filled with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

3 Simple Planning Strategies for Successful Homeschools

Katie J Trent shares a creative approach to back to homeschool planning to help you work smarter, not harder. These practical tools will empower you through difficult days and help you plan a more meaningful homeschool year.

Strategies for a More Peaceful Homeschool

Homeschooling can feel chaotic and stressful. In this workshop, Katie shares three strategies sure to infuse more peace and joy into your homeschool journey. She tackles common peace-stealers and shares keys to loving home-based education while living your best life.

Creative Character Building

Infuse faith, fun…and even some food into your character-building this year as you dive into 36 of the most important Biblical character traits your family needs to grow in. Move from behavior modification to life transformation in this practical and surprising workshop as you learn the secret ingredients to easy and effective character training!

How to Help Your Anxious Child Cope Better While Homeschooling

Many kids get anxious, struggle with perfectionism, and stress out with new subjects, challenges, and deadlines. Katie shares strategies to equip parents to better help their children cope with stress/anxiety so they can thrive in all areas of life. 

More Homeschooling

Sanity-Saving Tips to Simplify Your Homeschool

As busy moms, we’re already juggling a ton, which is why attendees will learn secrets to help them work smarter, not harder, so they can experience more joy and peace in their home.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: How to Thrive in Homeschool Communities

As a leader of a local homeschool community, Katie understands the stress and blessings that come from being part of a co-op or group. In this workshop, she provides secrets to help you and your kids thrive in a homeschool community, including how to determine the type of group that’s right for you and common missteps to avoid.

You're Not a Failure

Changing Your Narrative on Challenging Days

We all wrestle with negative thoughts and feelings along our homeschool journey. In this workshop Katie addresses common lies homeschool moms (and others) tell ourselves. She provides the truths we need to cling to on days we feel like quitting, and gives you the tools to rid yourself of stinking thinking.

Getting UnStuck: Simple Solutions for Sticky Situations in your Homeschool

What do you do on those difficult days? When your child is resisting their schoolwork, your curriculum isn’t working, or your family is experiencing a crisis? Katie shares practical tips to help you smoothly sail through the most common homeschool struggles.

Help for the New Homeschool Mom: What I wish I’d Known from the Beginning

Katie shares everything you didn’t know you needed in order to flourish throughout your homeschooling journey. You’ll learn three secrets to set yourself up for success so you can grow your faith, strengthen your family, and simplify your homeschool. Walk away with fresh vision, a solid plan, and strategies for a more meaningful and memorable homeschool experience for you and your kids.

Feedback from Event Planners

Katie offers wonderful encouragement to our homeschool moms. She has been a speaker for me at several events, with over 2400 attendees. One reason I love having Katie as a speaker is I know she comes from a Biblical perspective. Her desire to help moms raise their children in the Lord is so needed and welcomed at our events. I highly recommend Katie as a speaker for other events, both online and in person. You’ll be glad you had Katie as a speaker.

Kerry Beck

Hostess of Homeschool Super Heroes Week & Life Skills Leadership Summit, How to Homeschool My Child

Katie was eager to speak encouragement to our MOPS ministry! She was prayerful in preparing her message and communicated her vision and needs with our leadership team well. Katie was intentional in connecting with our mamas and brought laughter, scripture, games, and powerful visuals to illustrate her message of pausing to make MOMents with our babes. Superb!


Casa Grande MOPS Director

Feedback from Attendees

Katie is such an inspirational and compassionate encourager! She has truly helped me lead a better homeschool life built in God and helped me find the confidence in myself as a teacher to my own children! I am so grateful to have found her.

Tori Grafton

Make Over Your Life Summit

As a seasoned Christian homeschool mother, I have become increasingly aware of who I allow to speak into my life. Katie is one of those tried and true voices that I can seek out for wisdom & encouragement. She has lived & walked out the homeschool life and continues to do so alongside others while being a leader among leaders. She has a servant’s heart that I admire greatly. I have seen the blessings her books & seminars have brought to many other mothers that are in the trenches of homeschool.

Adrianne Sessions

Support Rep, Classical Conversations

Katie speaks so eloquently, with her wisdom and empathetic nature. She makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. A true, genuine inspiration!

Meredith C.

2020 Homeschool Mom Conference Attendee

I had the pleasure of hearing Katie speak about ‘MOMents that last’. I was so encouraged by her grace and love-filled message. So much hope for all the days I feel like such a mom failure!

Angie Mol

MOPS Casa Grande Attendee 2022

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